Demo & Videos

Product Demonstration

If you are curious about how to use our product to screen for loss of protective sensation (LOPS), please watch our demonstration video! Our monofilaments are both easy-to-use and highly effective tests for LOPS in diabetic patients. The video should successfully teach you how to perform a diabetic foot exam.

As you will see in the video, to use the monofilament you hold the monofilament by the paper handle and use a smooth motion to touch the filament to the skin on the foot. Touch the filament along the side of, not directly on, an ulcer, callus, or scar. Touch the filament to the skin for 1-2 seconds, and push hard enough to make the filament bend. Repeat this process for all marked testing sites, and record the results.

Our Patented, Automated Process

Medical Monofilament Manufacturing is the first automated, in-line, precision manufacturer of paper-handled monofilaments. Our patented process guarantees that we can provide monofilaments of the highest quality to our customers, unlike other companies that produce inconsistent monofilaments by hand. We use stringent protocols to maintain the integrity of our product and 10-gram force range in full compliance with FDA standards.

Watch our video to see our patented process in action.

How We Calibrate Our Products

Our patented, automated manufacturing process guarantees that our monofilaments meet the 10-gram force range established by the U.S. Bureau of Primary Healthcare/ Lower Extremity Amputation Program (LEAP) Program.

A calibrated monofilament means that the device has been tested and precisely provides the 10-gram force range as recommended for a diabetic foot exam. We calibrate our products daily using a gram scale, and our machinery later tests and records gram force range readings with precision inline sensors. Our manufacturing process also utilizes a high-tech visual inspection system that ensures we deliver the highest quality monofilaments available.

Watch our video to see how we calibrate our monofilaments.